Advanced Vertebral Solutions - Redefining TLIF Surgery

FDA 510(k) Cleared

Advanced Vertebral Solutions™ has developed a unique “active steering” technology platform that is comprised of a proprietary implant and delivery instrument that are designed specifically for mini-open and minimally invasive TLIF approaches.

The Express IBFD™ System is a single delivery instrument and implant that replaces current multi-instrument techniques, thereby minimizing instrument exchanges and simplifying the minimally invasive surgical technique.

The AVS Express is the only TLIF implant delivery system that enables the surgeon to articulate the implant on the end of the instrument while the instrument shaft remains in a stationary position in the MIS port.

The Express IBFD™ family of implants is available in Zeniva® PEEK or Titanium in a full range is shapes, sizes and lordotic angles.

Read more in our recent Press Release.

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